Amyr Alyia
PR Paradas Jimmy x Chiria - 1999

Alyia has been an excellent mother to Sultana and is now enjoying her retirement years as a lady of leisure, eating cookies and turnout time with her herdmates.

Inyas Magic Shadow
Magic Aulrab x Inya - 2007

Inya is girl with definite opinions about everything.  Brilliant, and built like a tank, she has become a foundation mare at Star Magnolia.  Her daughter Dreamz will follow in her footsteps.

Inya Dreamz
Dreamz x Inyas Magic Shadow

Baby girl is sassy like her momma, and destined to be an amazing athlete.  Under saddle, and cowboy dressage may be in her future.

SGA Paradas Sultana
Comar Prince Sultan x Amyr Alyia - 2021

Sultana has grown into quite a stunning girl!  I am still amazed out how balanced her body  has always been, with solid bone, and incredible feet.  She doesn't seem to have an awkward phase.   Quick as a whip, and very curious, I can't wait to see what she wants to be when she grows up!  I imagine she could be anything she wants to be!