Our Story

It all started in 1989 when my mom bought my first horse, a 4 year old Arabian mare named Tia Maria S….

My mother and I bought Tia from a small breeding farm in Chico, California.  My life was forever altered: eating, breathing and dreaming of Arabian horses.  It wasn't until much later in life did I discover how incredible her bloodlines were, old bloodlines that I wish I had done a better job of preserving.


In 2020 I was able to purchase some acreage and fulfill a lifelong dream of having my own place and a farm of my very own to promote and preserve bloodlines that tie back to the Crabbet Stud in England and the Kellogg Breeding Program.


In 2022, I met the love of my life Huaira Ayala.  He brought with him a love for trees, plants, critters, and me, and has pledged to make Star Magnolia Arabians the most amazing and magical place imaginable.   My only wish, is that TIa could have lived long enough to see Star Magnolia.


We will continue to celebrate the beauty and grace of the Arabian breed. 


In loving memory of Tia…


Tia Maria S (Santiago S x Petite Sirrah) 1985-2019